Monday, January 09, 2006

Predictions For All Ridings: Belinda Stronach, Allan Cutler, Oliva Chow And More

The Truth Hurts: Canadian Political Blog
The riding by riding predictions are now completed. There is a prediction for every Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Green candidate running. It was updated on Sunday and will be regularly updated until election day. The predictions include the percentage for each candidate, which party won the last time and whether they can hold it this time. Later today I will be updating these predictions and the daily forecaster with the new Strategic Council/CTV/Globe & Mail poll. I will also add the SES Research poll that will be coming out today. Check back because I may do these separately, so the first update may not be the last.

For the real political junkies I recommend checking the "Hold/Lose" column of the riding predictions. Take a look at the ridings the parties may lose this time and look at how close the vote is. It is really telling of the election in general and of the particular areas of the country that this election can, and likely will, turn on.