Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Reflections On The French Debate

The Truth Hurts: Canadian Political Blog
Here are some of my reflections on the last of the leaders debates for this election.

Paul Martin:
St. Jean Baptiste himself could be the leader of the Liberal party and the Liberals still would not do well in Quebec this time. So Martin did very well in the debate, but so what?

Stephen Harper:
Harper did well in the debate, well enough that I think the Conservatives have an excellent chance at winning seats in Quebec. But I am really not sure what to say about this guy. He is boring by nature, but he has started to turn that to his advantage. He did have a couple of good jabs in the debate, but nothing approaching a knockout punch. His best answer was regarding the question on relations with the U.S. On a very minor point, Harper has said something in the debate that he has said many times before, "The only tax that everyone pays is the GST." Regardless of the price of milk, Aboriginals do not have to pay GST on it.

Gilles Duceppe:
I think he was on the right side of all the issues for Quebecers. I think he performed well enough that the Bloc Quebecois is still heading towards what is looking like their biggest victory yet. But I do not believe he won the debate. Also, I think he should bring a calculator to the next debate because all he seems to talk about is whether something will mean more money for Quebec or not. By the way, can you tell me again: Is Quebec different?

Jack Layton:
I think Layton was on the right side of all the issues for Quebecers as well. But this will not translate into a single seat for the NDP. By the way, what happened tonight to the Layton perma-smile?

If performance was the only measure I think this was the best debate of this election for all of the leaders. Here are some final reflections:

Dumbest Question of the Debate:
How could they ask the leaders if they would help someone close to them kill themselves? What type of question is that? I am surprised, however, that Martin did not find a way to work in a reference to his father.

Dumbest Answer of the Debate:
Harper, "I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting to have to answer." I still laugh about this.

Who Won:
Who cares? Sorry for the ambivalence, but nothing changed after that debate so it does not matter who won.