Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Elsie Wayne: Martin Changing Word of God!

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As the Conservative fortunes rise (click here for the analysis of the new forecast showing a Conservative minority and click the link in the left column for the forecast) the dinausours come out.

Elsie Wayne (shown in the picture stumping with Harper) was just on CTV's Mike Duffy Live preaching against same-sex marriage and how this decision will be reversed now that it looks like a Conservative government. I thought Stephen Harper made a good tactical decision in bringing this issue up on the first day because then he could lay it to rest for the remainder of the campaign. This is in no way a winning issue for the Conservatives - they already have the market cornered on that vote.

But what is worse is that Elsie Wayne repeatedly talked about this being an issue of family values and went further and said, "You do not take the word of God, that is in the bible, and change it." Speaking of Him ... oh my God, what a dumb move!

This is not going to play well in Quebec and Ontario. The Conservatives are not presently set to win any Quebec seats, but more mistakes like this could shift Quebecers to the Liberals - perhaps enough that they beat the Conservatives nationally. And Ontario has always been leery of anything that looked like religious fundamentalism. When you start quoting the bible and saying the Prime Minister wants to change the word of God you are alienating swing voters in Ontario. Plus, a majority of Ontario voters do not want this issue revisited and a large majority of Quebec voters support gay marriage.

Harper needs to reign in these people and keep them quiet or he might see a repeat of the "Paul Martin supports child pornography" fiasco. On second thought, scratch that "might"; we have seen it with this - but he can hope the impact will be nominal or nothing.
(The picture in the upper left is from the CBC Web site.)