Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Beginning of the End for the Bloc

I would hope that since the Bloc fell short of expectations many Quebecers are rethinking the very existence of the Bloc. Let us presuppose for a moment that Quebec has concerns with federalism that are legitimate enough to justify separation. Why then do they elect separatists to Ottawa? Separatists have no desire to fix federalism. Quebecers have three main parties to choose from that cover most of the Canadian political spectrum: Liberals, Conservatives, NDP. They may find that none of those parties really reflect the views of Quebec. However, ask Albertans the same question. The policies of the Conservative party have been modified a great deal and in a direction that many Albertans would not agree with. But political parties in Canada must accomodate a wide range of views.

I fully recognize Quebecers right to vote for the Bloc. However, if the Bloc win a majority of seats next time then I will no longer take seriously Quebec's concerns with federalism because electing the Bloc demonstrates that they do not seriously want these concerns addressed.